Is There Any Interest In Open Books Quotes?…

I wasn’t *that* impressed with Alan on Open Books… some funny bits, sure, but it just didn’t appear to be quality Partridge. If there is enough interest, I’ll add them.



Is There Any Interest In Open Books Quotes?… — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Marc

    Yeah, a lot of people have mentioned that these latest Sky-versions of Partridge are not the quality we have come to know with Alan. That said, I did enjoy Places of My Life. Open Books was ‘ok’, but I wasn’t overly impressed.

    They are also showing Mid Morning Matters as part of the Sky Atlantic comedy, err, thing. Looks like they are bundling all the web-based ones for TV. So if you watched the original MMM’s on the web, you’re not missing anything you haven’t seen before.

    Back to the Open Books quotes. If I get enough interest, I’ll add them, but for now I’m concentrating on KMKY.

    Cheers and thanks for visiting!

  2. Haven’t even seen it not being on the Beeb has restricted my access to Alan. I’m not ashamed to admit that I watched a torrent of These are the places of my life and that was brilliant classic Partridge but word of mouth hasn’t been good for this. Hopefully it will get an airing on Dave or something as I’d like to see it but I don’t watch enough TV to warrant getting SKY Atlantic.

    Greta site BTW

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