Alan Partridge on Sky Atlantic Tonight!

Don’t forget that Alan Partridge is on Sky Atlantic! Starting tonight at 9pm with Alan Partridge: Welcome To The Places Of My Life.

Three special edition programmes featuring Alan will appear over the next few weeks (Info take from Sky Atlantic site):

Welcome to the Places of My Life – 9PM June 25th
Alan Partridge reveals the places that have made him the man he is today.

Over the years, Norfolk has given us some of our greatest Britons, from Queen Boadicea and Sir Robert Walpole to Hannah from S Club 7. It’s also been home to broadcaster Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) for the best part, and best parts, of his life.

In this special one-off documentary, Alan treats viewers to a guided tour of his beloved Norfolk, revealing the places that have made him who, why and what he is today. From the Riverside Leisure Centre, Norwich City Hall and his local newsagent to the luscious expanse of Thetford Forest, Alan explores the key landmarks and natural beauty spots that have led some people to call Norfolk the ‘Wales of the east’.

Norwich boasts more than 20 car dealerships, as well as some of the most sensible parking regulations in the country – facts that really make the city a haven for motorists like Alan. What’s more, his daily commute to North Norfolk Digital Radio is a mere ten minutes by car, something Londoners could only dream of. Alan’s tour, of course, includes his place of work which, at 800 square feet, is bigger than most good quality dentists’.

Also taking in the church where he was christened, the local dry ski slope and the city’s historic market where people come from far and wide to buy monkey hats and tat, Welcome to the Places of My Life is a comprehensive and compelling journey through Alan Partridge’s home county.

Open Books with Martin Bryce – 9PM July 2nd
Norwich’s favourite son Alan Partridge gives a candid interview about his new autobiography.

Broadcaster, author and keen rambler Alan Partridge makes a welcome return to television screens as a special (replacement) guest on Open Books with Martin Bryce, hosted by Chris Beale (Robert Popper). After the modest success of his previous book Bouncing Back (it was pulped due to poor sales), Alan returns to discuss his latest, tell-all tome, I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan – a book critics have hailed as “very thorough”. In fact, Alan himself describes his autobiography as the best book he’s ever written and one of the best he’s ever read – high praise indeed from a man who started reading aged a half.

The book charts Alan’s rise from humble beginnings in a semi-detached house in a modest suburb of Norwich to TV superstardom, before ultimately establishing himself as one of the better DJs on local radio station North Norfolk Digital. Unflinching and thoroughly gripping, the book doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects, including a harrowing account of Alan’s Toblerone addiction, and he is similarly candid in interview.

An accomplished chatter, Alan is only too keen to share the secrets of his craft, revealing details of his gruelling writing regime (1,500 words per day, usually with a bowl of hard-boiled eggs for sustenance), as well as his views on reading, writing and literature in general. Alan also reads some poignant extracts from the book, possibly delighting a studio audience who are themselves invited to put questions to Mr Partridge.

A truly absorbing interview that offers a rare insight into the mind of a man who clearly has had, and continues to have, the last laugh.

Mid Morning Matters: Special Edition – 9PM July 9th
The hugely popular online comedy series featuring Alan Partridge arrives on Sky Atlantic.

Those that think Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) is a has-been really need to do the maths. Broadcasting four hours a day, five days a week on North Norfolk Digital Radio – north Norfolk’s best music mix – Alan clocks up a whopping 20 hours on air a week. To put that into perspective, that’s eight times the output of The One Show. Impressive.

In this six-part series, viewers can watch the master at work as he broadcasts his daily radio show to literally hundreds of listeners. When it comes to the big topics of the day Alan’s always got his finger on the pulse, whether he’s discussing which condiment listeners would take with them to a desert island, or simply chatting to a young child about the use of lethal force.

Joining Alan for a regular dose of edgy banter and debate is his comedy sidekick Simon (Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Tim Key). Together the pair also take a ‘sideways’ look at the news, with suitably amusing (and usually inappropriate) results.

Written by Neil Gibbons, Rob Gibbons, Armando Iannucci and Coogan himself, Mid Morning Matters offers a fresh window into the excruciatingly awkward world of Alan Partridge, reconfirming why he is considered one of British comedy’s most timeless characters.

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